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Congratulations to the Debian project

Monday, April 9th, 2007 | linux | No Comments


Just a quickie today – I’m still enjoying the Easter holiday but I noticed that the Debian project have made their release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0. I’d like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the Debian team – this is a huge achievement. They missed their original release date by a few months but given the size and scope of a Linux distribution I think this is still an amazing achievement for a community of volunteers (there are plenty of commercial software projects with a much smaller scope which experience slippage of more than 4 months).

We’ve been using Debian for our office servers and developer desktops since we opened for business. I’m looking forward to standardising our infrastructure on Debian 4.0 for at least the new few months (we’ve been using a pre-release of 4.0 in the form of Debian testing for some time now and have found it extremely stable and reliable).

So thanks again to the folks at Debian for some great work – for those that like living on the bleeding edge the next few months should be pretty interesting if you’re using Debian testing as new packages start showing up again.